Public Adjuster Philadelphia Is A Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Who Practices In A Law Firm …

He is also affiliated with another law firm called the Pappas Law Firm.

He is a personal injury lawyer who is highly successful in many cases of personal injuries and is very popular among the people of Philadelphia. Some of his clients are: Dr. David Pelletier, Thomas Johnson, John


, Patrick Gaffney, Kevin Gagnon, Mark Gaffney, Joseph Gaffney, William Cunniff, Charles Burdette, John and Pamela Molloy, Robert Cunniff, Paul and Mary Sperry, Richard H.Smith, United States of America and more. In fact, he was the attorney for Dr. David Pelletier who was badly injured in an accident.

The attorney for Public Philadelphia Adjuster Philadelphia has many years of experience in handling cases involving injury claims and compensations.Some of his other clients are: Paul local public adjuster Pappas, Robert Cunniff, Charles Burdette, John and Pamela Molloy, Richard H. Smith, and more. His experience in handling such cases make him a good personal injury lawyer. Besides being a good personal injury lawyer, he is also a good lawyer and negotiator and knows how to handle situations that may arise between the client and the insurance company.

He also has a 184 Railroad dr law firm and he practices law there. His law firm is located in the Law Office Building of the Philadelphia Bar Association. He also practices at a clinic that is located at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

He was born in New Jersey but grew up in Philadelphia. He earned a degree in Law and Political Science from Temple University. He is married and has two children.

Public Adjuster Philadelphia 18974 was the first personal injury lawyer who specialized in personal injury cases. He was the one who got Dr. David Pelletier to become the first plaintiff in a personal injury case. Pelletier was an emergency room doctor who was working in a trauma center.

Pelletier was in an accident that was caused by a drunk driver who did not obey a traffic signal and drove through a red light without yielding.After the Pennsylvania accident, he was diagnosed with spinal cord injuries and was given four weeks of recovery time.

Pelletier sued the insurance company and won a lawsuit on the basis that he was owed medical expenses and rehabilitation fees for the time he had to recover from the accident. Pelletier sued the driver and received compensation for the medical expenses and rehabilitation fees for the rest of his life. He has been treated very well since then.

Pelletier won several awards. He has testified in court cases, and he has also testified before congressmen, members of the state legislature, and even the president of the United States.

Pelletier was the first plaintiff to go forward with a case against an insurance company and win. He and his lawyers went as far as to file a complaint against the insurance company to the Department of Justice.

Pelletier and his law firm are known for their success in personal injury cases. and they have been representing plaintiffs since the 1970. This law firm is known to be very successful in handling cases involving personal injuries.

The attorney 800-809-4302 for Public Adjuster Philadelphia has several law firms that he represents. This law firm handles all types of personal injury cases.

In his law firm, the lawyer is known as a family man and a caring person. Pelletier and his law firm to represent those who have suffered and are still suffering the consequences of another individual’s negligence or carelessness. They want to provide for these people who are suffering

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